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Lezlie Deane – Actress in 976- Evil, Freddy’s Nightmares The Series, and Freddy’s Dead, also Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, Roller Derby Athlete and now a current lead for rock band Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs

Lezlie Deane The Early Years.

What age Did you start watching Horror Movies and what was the first memories of a horror movie?

Dracula and Frankenstein As early as i can remember. My mom loved them, so we got to watch horror movies whenever they came on…on most occasions i didn’t sleep well that night!

You went from Dallas Cheerleader, to actress, to leading band member, how did that come about? Do you enjoy acting or is music your true passion?

When you grow up in Dallas Texas, as a young girl, you dream of being a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. I auditioned and made it….my mom and dad were in vegas at the time at a convention and they found out i made it before i got a chance to call them. My mom was sitting at a Black Jack table and look up at the television screen and there i was talking about how AMAZING it feels to be chosen as a DCC! I ended up getting cut after hitting the choreographer in the face…and yes, it was an accident! i moved to L.A. not long after that and landed an acting job with my first audition. I was very fortunate! My acting manager had put together a band and asked me if i wanted to join i said sure…the next thing i new, we were touring with NIN and MM and causing all kinds of uproar in London gallery_Fem2Fem_March95with the Westminster Council. They banned our show, which caused a press circus. It was kinda like the Sex Pistols in their day. That band was called FEM 2 FEM. From there (to make a very long story short), i moved back to Texas because my mother was dying of cancer….dropped everything and cared for her till she passed 6 months later…for 2 years after that i was DEVASTATED!! I found Roller Derby and ended up being a Captain and Coach for The Slaughterers. They were undefeated under my reign. Was also on the Travel Team as well. Our team needed a skate out song, so i wrote The Slaughter with people that i knew from Derby and from there Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs were born! Scary Cherry Bang Bang was my Roller Derby name! Music and Acting are both my passion. I have now started shooting and editing our music videos, shooting pictures ect as well with my friend Aurelia “Capt. Canada” Bang Bang. We started The Glue Factory Dallas.

Your first Horror movie role was 976-Evil, Directed by Robert Englund, later you were also in the Freddy’s Nightmares Series as Sue in the episode Cabin Fever, and then as Tracy in Freddy’s Dead, How did that happen?



I auditioned! I met with Robert for the final reading of 976 and did some improve with him. It was a BLAST! Robert also directed the the episode of Cabin Fever as well…I auditioned for that one as well. I think Robert knew if i didn’t get the role i would have a word or two with him…hahaha. For Freddy’s Dead, Robert didn’t even know I won the role until I showed up on set. It was like a family reunion. I love him and Nancy (his wife) both!

How fun was it to do the movie Girlfriend from Hell (1989) – (Yes as bad as it was I do like this movie)10957449_det

The whole cast was a BLAST to work with! We shot that movie pretty darn fast!

You’ve pretty much seemed to play the bad ass chick in movies – Is this your actual personality or did roles just put you into that?

I think it’s the core of my personality….

Were you ever wanting to be in another Nightmare on elm street film?

If they did another one!

At the time, How did it feel to be part of the killing of Freddy?

I thought it was pretty FUCKING cool!lezlie deane freddys dead

Have you always been a Nightmare on Elm Street fan before being on the series?

But of course!

How was your years while with Fem 2 Fem? How long did that last?

Fem 2 Fem was AWESOME!!! It lasted 4 years.

During your years with Fem 2 Fem you got to tour with Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails, how was that?

How do you think!! hahahha!! It was a BLAST!! i hung out mostly with Marilyn and Twiggy….Their manager kept begging me and Julie to come on stage with them and do our antics. After much arm twisting…hehehe…i went onstage how i would go onstage in that band (leave it to your imagination) and whipped the shit out of Marilyn and whilst he was singing he got his lip ring caught on my nipple!! I had a BLAST with him. Trent was very cool and i LOVE Danny and Robin. They actually started helping me demo songs, but then my mom got sick. My best friend in the whole wide world Lynn Pompey (who was in F2F) ended up marrying Danny from NIN

How was your time with Roller derby? Which you were very successful at, Do you miss it?

lezlie deane scary cherryI do miss it very much. I miss the Healthy way of getting aggression out and the commodore…The band has just gotten too busy!


So your current project Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs, How did that come about?

I blame it on Roller Derby!! hahaha!!!

How is it going with them?

So many cool things are happening right now! We are getting ready to launch our tour bang bangsand the release of our first LP GIRL! it will be released sept 24th. Just signed to Planetary Group and Mike Rosen Management!

You recently did a show with Megadeth, Black Label Society, HELLYEAH, Device and Newstead, How kick ass was that?

It was KICK ASS beyond ANYTHING!! there was only 1 bad thing..it was about 105 degrees, but well worth it!!

Do you have anything new happening?

There is always something to do!! working on 2 new songs that we will put out at the first of the year in either an album or ep. working on new video concepts, scheming up fun new ideas…seriously..IT NEVER STOPS!!!

Did you ever consider going back to acting?

if the opportunity arises, i will!

Who are your musical influences?

There are really too many to be named, but i will give you a few!! David Bowie, NIN, MM, Muse, Queen, Sweet, 10cc, Joan Jett, IGGY POP, ACDC, Coldplay, Alice Cooper…i’m telling you, i’m all over the map!

Who would you like to tour with?

I wish Betty Blowtorch was still around….IGGY POP for sure! The cool thing about SCABBS is we fit in too different genres. Alice cooper, Muse…we have played with The Misfits, Lords of Acid, The Genitorturers, Koffin Kats

When’s your next tour?

We kick off September 18th!!

Lezlie Deane and Random Goodies

How do you feel about the Paranormal? Ever had an experience?

I live in a house chock full of paranormal. With the death of both parents there were so many experiences. i BELIEVE!

If you had to choose one which would it be? Freddy, Jason, Michael, Leather face, Pinhead or Chucky?

There is only 1 answer….FREDDY!!

You got to meet one of our featured artists on www.horrorfanz.com Lee Howard, Creator of Quiet room bears, How was that?

I have not met him face to face, but when i do, i think i will TACKLE him!! I LOOOOVE him 2 DEATH! I’m such a HUGE fan of his, and i have a feeling he is about to explode like a SUPERNOVA real soon

Lezlie Scary Cherry

I really want to thank Lezlie for doing this interview with us, I have been following Lezlie since her beginning so this was a great pleasure for me, If you have a chance to meet her she is a wonderful all around great person! Check out tour dates and go see Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs!

I am proud to announce that Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs are now one of Horrorfanz Featured Artists! You can find their page here.

Check out Lee Howard’s Interview!

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Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs



Scary Cherry is Lead by Lezlie “Scary Cherry” Deane of 976 – Evil and Freddy’s Dead

“Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs are a group who have taken the spirit of Alice Cooper and The Misfits, tossed in the added touch of “La Femme” and have erected a ferocious beast.” quotes Digital Dab’ll Do You.

Born out of roller derby in Dallas, Texas, Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs have been hitting hard ever since. Recently winning the OurStage MTV Partners grand prize, The Microsoft 7 competition and honored on the BEST OF LOUD and LOCAL show on Dallas’s rock station, 97.1 The Eagle. Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs are notching their world champion belt 1 show, 1 fan, 1 competition at a time.

Deita Klaus from KARMA RADIO states, “Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs are the hottest band out there, bringing a fresh new genre/movement of GLITTERPUNK to the fore front.”

Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs will leave you screaming for more with their Texas size stage attitude and persona. TXPUNK.COM agrees, stating, “Opening for The Misfits at House of Blues, Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs are nothing short of explosive in sound and stage performance.”

Their rawness and in your face performances haven’t been seen since the punk movement of the 1970′s. Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs are a beautifully concocted molotov cocktail that explodes like a super nova.

The band is fronted by Scary Cherry who is surrounded by 2 balls out guitarists, Minx the Jinx and Tony Coke, while the jack hammer pounding rhythm section is comprised of Rockula and Meat Pie. This beautiful wall of sonic sound punches you square in the face to then only make mad passionate love to you.

This band is what Super Hero’s are made of. Lifting the under dog and down trodden, constructing a perfect army of bang bangers. The Metroplexian quotes, “I am now a totally sold out fan for these 21st century punk rockgods!


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Matt Busch


n the early 90’s, Busch began his career in Hollywood, working in every aspect of the movie business, from concept design and storyboards to poster design and advertising. Simultaneously, he began illustrating books, magazines, posters, comics, trading cards and toys for notable pop culture properties, including LORD OF THE RINGS, INDIANA JONES, THE CROW, HEROES, G.I. JOE, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, The HULK, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, RESERVOIR DOGS, BRUCE LEE, WITCHBLADE, ROBOCOP, The MUMMY, STARGATE SG-1, and STAR TREK.

Mostly known for his work with the STAR WARS universe, Busch has worked closely with Lucasfilm, having written and illustrated dozens of STAR WARS books and magazines. He created the cover of TALES FROM THE EMPIRE, which became a New York Times Bestseller. Busch has also been involved with creating artwork for advertising, marketing, and licensed products for all three STAR WARS prequels. During the 30th Anniversary of the saga, Busch produced 7 different STAR WARS posters that year alone!

Busch also provided nearly 400 drawings and paintings for the critically acclaimed YOU CAN DRAW STAR WARS book from DK Publishing. Busch has also extended his own unique drawing and painting tutorials to video, with episodes at StarWars.com. These episodes also topped the charts on various social networks, with several videos going straight to Number One. Further, the first two exciting (and hilarious) seasons of episodes have been collected on DVD!


The first hardcover collection of his work, “FANTASTIC VISIONS: The Art of Matt Busch” was Published by Avatar Press, which included an Introduction by POISON’s Rikki Rockett. SQP Publishing released a follow-up hardcover collection titled “PUCKER: The Seductive Art of Matt Busch” which featured an Introduction by SYSTEM OF A DOWN’s John Dolmayan. Hermes Press later published the quintessential collection, titled “THE WORLDS OF MATT BUSCH.” Recently, Busch’s own Planetmatt Entertainment released an oversized collection titled “MATT BUSCH’S SKETCHBOOK” which features nearly 500 concept drawings, comprehensive sketches, and imaginative doodles.

In 2006, Busch released his first independent movie, CONJURE, a film he wrote, directed, starred in, and even composed music for. Financing the entire movie himself, the unique film was met with critical acclaim and shattered records- becoming “The Highest PreSelling Movie of All Time” according to HorrorMovies.com.

Busch has simultaneously found success as a writer, having written numerous books and magazine articles on art techniques. He has also written and illustrated creator-owned comic books and graphic novels, including ALIZARIN’S JOURNAL, DARIA JONTAK, and CRISIS. Busch has penned several screenplays, including one that is currently in development with Producer Don Murphy (TRANSFORMERS, APT PUPIL).

One of Busch’s most recent endeavors has been HOLLYWOOD IS DEAD, a massive project where the artist painstakingly recreates classic movie posters before giving them a zombified treatment. Classics like Star Wars (Zombie Wars), Back to the Future (Bleak is the Future) and Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Breakfast is Tiffany) have gained the attention of such TV show’s as G4’s Attack of the Show and Late Light with Jimmy Fallon.

Ever expanding into new media, Busch is also in the midst of developing apps and games for post-PC devices. The first release is INTERACTIVE SKETCHBOOK, a drawing tutorial app for the iPad, which he co-developed with Digital Wave Creative, LLC.

Busch now resides in a multiple-facility home set up in Macomb Township, Michigan, complete with an art studio, digital editing suite, recording studio, product warehouse, and even a mini movie theater. Here, Busch continues to work on many ‘Hollywood’ projects via Internet and Fed Ex. However, Busch also spends a great deal of time on the road, and his most recent documentary collecting his travel adventures from around the world, ILLUSTRATION NATION, has just been released on DVD.




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Christopher Ott

Christopher Ott Banner

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